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How to Blend Copic Markers?

All those who are interested in coloring, be it a hobby or a profession, can agree that blending brings magic to coloring and creativity to art.  For most of us, such a skill doesn’t come naturally when we pick up a marker but rather through continuous practice. In this article, I’ll be giving you all […]

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pencil shading techniques on cat

Pencil Shading Tips and Techniques for Beginners

Learning how to shade using a pencil can make all the difference in your drawing. Shading applies the perfect effect of light and helps create a hint of shadowing making your art look more life-like and adds depth to your art. There are several factors and techniques used for shading that are quite easy to follow […]

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Starry Night by Stephen Little

How to Prevent Drawings from Smudging in Sketchbook?

Picture this. Your art work is underway, and it’s going well. Your creativity is flowing, and you’re absorbed on the task. Everything seems to be going well, until you realise you’ve been concentrating so hard, that you haven’t noticed your sketch has been smudged. Or worse, your sketch has been carefully executed, in your finest quality sketchbook, […]

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5 Best Sketch Blogs for Inspiration in 2019

As sketch artists, we often feel the lack of inspiration to sketch, in other word we are hitting the sketcher’s block (if there is a writer’s block surely there is a sketcher’s block right?).  While keeping a sketchbook as practice would help – but we offer another way to get the artistic juice flowing again. And […]

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Singapore Sketch Commute

I visited Singapore last year (my favourite country to visit) and stumbled upon very cool arrays of commute sketches – as you will see below.  These sketches were found at one of the busiest MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) in Singapore, namely Jurong East. Kudos to SBS Transit – the Singapore public transport operator for the initiatives. It’s […]

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figure drawing by chelsea klukas,

Complete Guide for Beginner Gesture Drawing

The human body can be captivating, breathtaking, beautiful, dramatic and dynamic. It covers the entire spectra of emotion. From poised stances and graceful or purposeful movements, to short, sharp or aggressive jolts. The essence of gesture drawing is capturing the action, motion and the intent of movement.  In this article, we will show how a beginner to […]

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8 Tips for Keeping a Watercolor Sketchbook

The practice of keeping a sketchbook is a common ritual for artists or creative minded people in general. This practice is also commonly referred to visual journaling or art journaling. It is true that the practice is more prevalent with artists that use dry media such as pencil, ink or copic, simply because drawing with dry media […]

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What Kind of Paper is Used in Sketchbooks?

As an artist you might wonder what are the different kind papers used in sketchbooks. We will review some of the paper types that are commonly used in sketchbooks, so you won’t have to wonder anymore. We hope that this article will help you find the perfect sketchbook paper that matches your drawing style and media. In […]

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Why Do Artists Keep Sketchbooks

Why Do Artists Keep Sketchbooks?

It’s common for artists who work with many different types of mediums to work with sketchbooks. In fact, many even have more than one. If you’ve ever wondered, why do artists keep sketchbooks, it’s a relatively difficult question to answer as every artist is different.

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