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10 Tips on How to Get Good at Drawing Fast

Is drawing a skill or a talent? This question is an ongoing debate to which there’s no specific answer. No doubt that talent is a part of drawing. However, no one is magically born with the ability to draw. A huge part of drawing is a learned skill; it can be acquired and practiced. There […]

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The Great Markers Debate: Prismacolor vs Copic Markers

Since you’ve landed here, chances are you, like us and many fellow artists, are looking for answers to the long-standing debate. Which marker wins the ultimate battle, Prismacolor or Copic? You can go around and ask, but you’ll probably find different answers. Some artists have expressed great confidence in one of them and refuse to […]

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Are Copic Markers Really That Expensive?

Whether you are a newcomer, a fan, or a professional, if you’re into coloring, then you’ve heard of Copic markers. You’ve probably witnessed the infamous markers take the art world by storm and just couldn’t wait to get your hands on them. So you set off to buy some only to come face to face […]

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How to Blend Copic Markers?

All those who are interested in coloring, be it a hobby or a profession, can agree that blending brings magic to coloring and creativity to art. For most of us, such a skill doesn’t come naturally when we pick up a marker but rather through continuous practice. In this article, I’ll be giving you all […]

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pencil shading techniques on cat

Pencil Shading Tips and Techniques for Beginners

Learning how to shade using a pencil can make all the difference in your drawing. Shading applies the perfect effect of light and helps create a hint of shadowing making your art look more life-like and adds depth to your art. There are several factors and techniques used for shading that are quite easy to […]

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Starry Night by Stephen Little

How to Prevent Drawings from Smudging in Sketchbook?

Picture this. Your art work is underway, and it’s going well. Your creativity is flowing, and you’re absorbed on the task. Everything seems to be going well, until you realise you’ve been concentrating so hard, that you haven’t noticed your sketch has been smudged. Or worse, your sketch has been carefully executed, in your finest […]

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5 Best Sketch Blogs for Inspiration in 2019

As sketch artists, we often feel the lack of inspiration to sketch, in other word we are hitting the sketcher’s block (if there is a writer’s block surely there is a sketcher’s block right?).  While keeping a sketchbook as practice would help – but we offer another way to get the artistic juice flowing again. […]

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figure drawing by chelsea klukas,

Complete Guide for Beginner Gesture Drawing

The human body can be captivating, breathtaking, beautiful, dramatic and dynamic. It covers the entire spectra of emotion. From poised stances, graceful, purposeful movements, to short, sharp or aggressive jolts. The essence of gesture drawing is capturing the movement, motion and the intent of movement.  In this article, we will show how a beginner to […]

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