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Staedtler Premium Watercolor Pencils Review: Where Quality Matters

Staedtler is a well-established German brand that specializes in producing writing, artistic and engineering instruments and stationery. Their main mission is to inspire people to discover their creativity within, and to unleash it. Their Karat Aquarell Premium Watercolor pencil line is wax-based, water-soluble and most importantly a high-end product. With their leadership in coloring pencils, this […]

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Bellofy Watercolor Pad Review

When I tell my friends that I’m going to an art supplies shop, they usually expect me to buy some watercolor paints, but that is just one item of many that artists care about. We do have a thing for brushes, erasers, clips, sketchbooks, and most certainly paper. A good sheet of paper can mark the […]

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Best pens for drawing and sketching

10 Best Pens for Sketching and Drawing

As once written by the English novelist and playwright Edward Bulwer-Lytton:  “The pen is mightier than the sword”. This is especially true in the hands of a master sketch artist. After all, every idea that has ever occurred in the minds of all engineers, architects, illustrators, cartoonists, and movie directors has been translated from mere thoughts and […]

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best pencils for sketching and drawing

What Are the Best Pencils For Sketching and Drawing in 2019?

When it comes to sketching and art, artists have certain preferences to the media they use to bring their work to life. Whether you’re an artist already or you’re looking into getting more creative and you want to start sketching, drawing and coloring more, you need to have the proper pencils for that. This article discusses the […]

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Moleskine watercolor pencil review

Moleskine Watercolor Pencils Review: A Lighter Approach

If there’s an image that comes to the mind of the average stationery addict like myself when you mention the name Moleskine, it is that of an elegant, leather-bound notebook that you’re likely to find in the hands of artists: amateurs and professionals alike (as well as hipsters or hipster artists 🙂 ). So, I was […]

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Best copic set for beginners

Best Copic Markers Set for Beginners

An aspiring artist needs a reliable set of supplies to help them bring their talented ideas to life. Copic markers are popular among amateur and professional artists because they are of excellent quality. They’re used in illustrations, cartoons, design, crafts, and several types of art projects due to their high-quality and amazing results. Copic markers give […]

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Mixed media sketchbook

Best Mixed Media Sketchbook

Today we’re reviewing the Canson XL Series Mix Media Pad, the Bellofy Artist Pro Series Fine Art Drawing Paper Sketchpad, and the Strathmore 500 series Art Journal, in search of the best mixed media sketchbook. Mixed media paper is just so versatile, and a mixed media sketchpad is ideally suited for journalling, nature sketches, and just […]

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Recommended art journal sketching supplies: Strathmore mixed media sketchbook

Strathmore Mixed Media Sketchbook Review

Quick Navigation ReviewWho is This Sketchbook For?Overview of FeaturesPaperBinding and CoverWhat we don’t like about Strathmore Mixed Media SketchbookStrathmore Mixed Media Sketchbook AlternativesFinal Verdict Before we dive in on the sketchbook, let’s talk briefly about Strathmore as company. Strathmore have a long history of quality paper and art journals. Originating in Massachusetts, in 1892, it produced […]

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Best Sketchbooks for Copics Marker

Copic markers are excellent for shading, blending, and exceptional vibrant color. They also resist picking up other colors when used for color over inking, which is why they are so prized in comics. However, they are notorious for bleeding through paper, hence it can be difficult to find a sketchbook suitable for Copic use. A good sketchbook for […]

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Best Sketchbooks For Colored Pencils

Unlike watercolor medium, there is not a specific brand nor specific sketchbook lines made just for colored pencil.  Most of mixed media sketchbooks would be ideal for use with colored pencil. The one thing to consider is: the paper thickness. Ideally, the paper is thick enough that lines don’t press through the paper to the sheet […]

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