What Kind of Paper to Use with Copic Markers?

What Kind of Paper to Use with Copic Markers?

In the arts and crafts world, there are always new products that emerge out of foreign markets and easily become the favorite item for artists around the world. One of these products is surely Copic markers as they give you the ability to achieve interesting effects.

However, not all types of paper react the same way to these specialty markers as they would with traditional Crayola markers, which can make it tough to know what kind of paper to use with Copic markers.

What are Copic Markers?

If you’re new to the realm of illustration, you might be wondering how there could possibly be different types of markers, especially if you previously assumed that all markers used the same type of ink. The first thing that might alert you to the fact that Copics are specialty markers is their price tag as many retail for $8.00 or more per pen.

More often than not, professional artists rely on Copic markers, which has made them one of the highest quality markers on the market. They have an incredibly smooth application that makes them quite similar to paint, especially as the ink doesn’t bleed.

They also have the same thick coverage as paint but also give you the ability to be precise with your application.

What are Copic Markers

There are four different types of Copic markers, and they are the following:

Copic Original:

With a broad tip on one end of the marker and a fine tip on the other end, Copic Original is great for everyday crafts as it doesn’t give you the intense precision you need for more detailed artwork.

Copic Wide:

Ideal for coloring in backgrounds or posters, Copic Wide markers have a very broad tip which is ideal for bigger spaces, but they also use far more ink.

Copic Sketch:

The Copic Sketch markers have a broad marker tip on one side and a brush tip on the other, which is what makes them the perfect choice for professional artists.

Copic Ciao:

With similar performance to the Copic Sketch markers, but available at a less expensive price tag and far fewer colors to choose from, these are better reserved for first-time Copic users who want to get the feel of the markers.

How to Choose the Right Copic Marker Paper?

The process of figuring out what kind of paper to use with Copic markers is easier than you think, especially as all you have to do is test them out on different sheets. This will give you a clear guide as to whether they are the right medium for your art or if you should be opting for an alternative medium.

Step 1: Gather a Collection of Paper

The first thing you would want to do is collect an array of paper that you might be interested in using for your project ranging from tracing paper to cardboard. Once you have an array selected, cut four-by-four-inch squares out of the paper as these will be your swatches.

Step 2: Create Swatching Circles

If you’re able to get your hands on a Copic multi-liner, draw a relatively large circle on your swatch squares since this is what you’ll be filling in with each marker to see how it reacts on different types of paper. If you can’t get a Copic multi-liner, you can use a pencil.

Step 3: Color the Circles

It’s up to you whether you want to color the entire circle or not because coloring half will give you the same general results. Make sure that as you color the circle, stay within the lines and that you color in even strokes, giving the swatch about 10 minutes to dry.

Step 4: Inspect the Results

The first thing you need to look out for is any feathering or bleeding outside of the lines of your circle because if this happens, you’ll want to avoid that paper when using Copics.

Aside from any poor results, you’ll have a clear visual indicator of how each type of paper interacts with the markers, and you can make the right choice for your artwork.

What are the Most Popular Types of Copic Paper

What are the Most Popular Types of Copic Paper?

Each artist’s preference will vary depending on the type of effect they’re going for with their Copics. With that being said, below are the most popular types of paper that Copic designers use to their advantage for their pieces.

A. Copic Marker Pad

  • Traditional paper
  • Neutral white
  • Good blending with practice
  • Solid coverage
  • Crescent Rendr

B. Minimally Textured

  • Thick sketch paper
  • Solid coverage
  • Great for small amounts of blending
  • X-Press It Blending Card

C. Dense

  • Lavender toned paper
  • Solid coverage
  • Slight spotting
  • Excellent blending


When you start trying to figure out what kind of paper to use with Copic markers, it’s important that you refer back to your sketches. In order to get an accurate idea of what each color will look like on different types of paper and how quickly ink is absorbed, you’re going to need visual examples to refer back to over the years.

With so many types of paper to choose from, it’s all based on personal preference and your experience level.

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