Global Art Materials Watercolor Book Review

Global Art Materials Watercolor Book Review

Global Art Materials Watercolor Book: QUICK OVERVIEW





What I/We Like

  • Bound in linen
  • Durable hardcover
  • Includes clear pocket at the back
  • No seep through
  • 60 acid-free sheets, 30 pages

What I/We Like

  • Pages do warp once wet media is used
  • Spotting on pages seem to resist watercolor

Designed for wet media, the Global Art Materials Watercolor Book is a great option for people who not only love using watercolors but also have an interest in ink pen washes and other mediums.

With a design that is useful for travel and can easily be placed in your art bag, it’s the best size for everyday use and gives you more than enough space for a wide variety of different projects. 

Not to mention that it also has plenty of high-quality features that help make it one of the best watercolor art books on the market.

Global Art Materials Watercolor Book Review

The main idea behind this sketchbook is that it gives artists the ability to work with a wide variety of mediums without having to worry about being limited. For example, if you want to use charcoal on the pages, you can, and if you wish to use watercolor paints, you can as well without having to worry about color bleeding through the pages.

Artists will finally have the ability to rely on a handbook/journal/sketchbook for all of their creative ideas and to keep all of their beautiful pieces of artwork in one convenient location. This particular sketchbook takes it a step further by offering a brilliant natural linen cover that is extremely durable and a handy elastic strap to help keep pages open while they are in the midst of drying.

Who is this Product For?

Although it might seem that the Global Art Materials Watercolor Book is designed only for artists, that’s not the case since there are plenty of different types of people that can benefit from using this sketchbook.

If you’re someone who has been interested in scrapbooking, but you want to start small instead of investing in a large scrapbooking kit, this can be a phenomenal product to use to your advantage. With its conveniently sized pages, you’ll be able to place several photos of friends, family members, or iconic locations that you want to remember throughout the years.

You can also use it as a nature scrapbook if you’re someone who loves the outdoors and collecting natural mementos such as leaves, flowers, and more.

Writers are also another group of people who will appreciate the thickness, size, and texture of the pages of the Global Art Materials Watercolor Book. Although it’s not a generic notebook, it still gives you the opportunity to jot down any inspiring notes that you may have or begin writing your very first novel.

With that being said, for everyday note taking and casual doodling, this may not be the right sketchbook or notepad for you as you can easily find less expensive books to use to your advantage.

What’s Included?

When you place your order, there aren’t any additional accessories that you’ll receive; however, you typically wouldn’t need anything else other than the sketchbook itself. Something that would help to make it slightly more convenient to use is an assortment of different drawing mediums such as charcoal, watercolors, or even colored pens, especially for people who are interested in getting into art.

Overview of Features

There are a few great features of the Global Art Materials Watercolor Book including:

60 sheets of acid-free paper:

If you’re an artist who prefers to draw on the front and back of each page, you’ll have 60 sheets to use to your advantage. Otherwise, you’ll be able to fit 30 individual drawings in this watercolor book.

Natural linen binding:

For more of an organic and Earthy look and feel, the natural linen binding closely resembles burlap and will help protect the integrity of your watercolor book over years of use.


In comparison to traditional portrait sketchbooks, you’ll appreciate how the Global Art Materials Watercolor Book is designed as a five by eight-inch landscape book for all of your creative ideas.

Tutorial on How to Use Global Art Materials Watercolor Book


As a reliable alternative to take into consideration, the Strathmore Watercolor Art Journal is a great option, and it is less expensive than the Global Art Materials Watercolor Book.

One of the most interesting aspects of this art journal is it is available in an assortment of different page colors, helping to make darker and brighter colors pop compared to traditional watercolor books. You’ll be able to choose from cream, toned gray, toned tan, and white.

Another thing that you might prefer about the Strathmore Watercolor Art Journal is that it is bound in a soft cover that resembles leather, which offers a more professional appearance than natural linen.

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The Global Art Materials Watercolor Book is arguably one of the better watercolor journals you can get your hands on, especially if you’re someone who likes experimenting with different types of wet media.

Without having to worry about color bleeding or fading, its thick pages are a great tool to have at your disposal for letting out all of your creative energy.

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