5 Best Sketch Blogs for Inspiration in 2019

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As sketch artists, we often feel the lack of inspiration to sketch, in other word we are hitting the sketcher's block (if there is a writer's block surely there is a sketcher's block right?). 

While keeping a sketchbook as practice would help - but we offer another way to get the artistic juice flowing again. And that is simply to find inspirations from other sketch artists.

And this is the intent of this article, we will share with you the 5 sketch artists that never fail to inspire us with their work. We will keep updating and adding to this page throughout the year, so make sure you bookmark this page for future reference.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 sketch blogs to follow for inspiration in 2019 and beyond:

Coretan Nino (Nino's Doodles)

Coretan nino's sketch

One of coretan nino's sketches

Nino is an Indonesian sketch artist - he specialised in urban sketching and travel sketching. Not much that more information that we can find about Nino, except that he is an excellent sketch artist.

The best place to get inspired by his sketches is his instagram account - his account is definitely a must follow.

Parka Blogs

A sample of Teoh's urban watercolor sketch

Parka Blogs (not sure why he's using plural form of blog), is the blog of Teoh Yi Chie - a Singaporean based sketch artist. You might know him from his thorough art related product reviews and book review, of which we have enjoyed reading. He has sketching courses too, details are on his website.

We really like his watercolor urban sketches, if you are a watercolor sketch artist - make sure you follow him on instagram.

Seattle Sketcher

Gabriel Campanario - Rio de Janeiro

Gabriel Campanario a.k.a Seattle Sketcher probably doesn't need an introduction anymore, he is currently a columnist at The Seattle Times but probably better known as the founder of Urban Sketchers. He has authored a couple of well known books such as The Art of Urban Sketching.

His style of combining travel diary and sketching is remarkable.

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